Icelandic Constitution interviews

Iceland: Professor Marilou McPhedran interviews Katrin Oddsdottir, from the Iceland Constitutional Council, about women and the Iceland Constitution.

Penney Kome’s role in Constitute

Constitute! wants to acknowledge the oversight that Penney Kome’s critically important book the Taking of 28 was inadvertently left out of the educational resources section of the website. We have now corrected that. Penney Kome is an award-winning journalist, columnist, and author whose six published books include The Taking of Twenty-Eight, the blow-by-blow account of the Canadian women’s successful constitutional lobby. For 12 years she was the Womans Place columnist for Homemakers Magazine and she is  a former Chair of the Writers Union of Canada (2003-2004) and a Toronto YWCA Woman of Distinction (1987)

And also here, Kome has published a new articel on what Section 15 has achieved…….See the article in Atlantis here



Constitute! Screening in Australia with LIRC

The Legal Intersections Research Centre of the University of Woolongong, AU, is hosted a screening of Constitute!

Here’s their write up about the event:

Produced by the International Women’s Rights Project (IWRP) – Constitute! Tells the story of the largest social mobilization of women in Canadian history in the 20th century.  Led by the Ad Hoc Committee of Canadian Women and the Constitution, women and other activists across the country fought to gain stronger equality provisions were entrenched in the newly repatriated Constitution’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Sections 15 and 28).  The film celebrates their constitutional activism and passion for democratic renewal.  Constitute! Educates and informs about how important citizen engagement is for democracy in Canada and beyond.  Interviews, speeches, songs, debates and images tell the story of what happened on that cold Valentine’s Day in 1981 and what it means to future generations of young Canadians.