Educational Resources

The Educational Resources section contains a study guide for high schools, links to international human rights conventions and treaties, and links to other resources.

Study Guide

This Study Guide has been written by the BC Teachers Federation for use in high schools. The activities are designed for the prescribed learning outcomes in such courses as Social Justice 12, Social Studies 11, Law 12, First Nations 12, Civics 11 and courses such as Women’s Studies 12. The Ontario Addendum applies the Study Guide to high school courses for the Ontario curriculum and was researched and written by Christina Rajabalan of the Toronto District School Board with our great appreciation.

Additional Interviews

To use the additional information about the role of women internationally, have the students watch the interviews by Sally Armstrong with women from Afghanistan, South Africa and Rwanda. For debate in the class room on issues of diversity, representation, racism, First Nations issues, see the other interviews in the Interviews section on the website. Websites like ours are made possible through funding from sponsorships. Past sponsors of ours include: Green Collar Landscaping and Pools, Glenn D. Godfrey and Company, LLP, Cannect Mortgage broker Toronto . To find out how you can support us, contact us today!