The Taking of 28 by Penney Kome

The Taking of 28 by Penney Kome

The back cover describes it as “The dramatic story of the most successful grassroots lobby ever organized in this country. In 1981, unknown to most Canadians, thousands of women rallied in support of Clause 28, an addition to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that would for the first time assert equality of the sexes as a basic tenet for the nation. The Taking of 28 presents an insider’s view of how this unexpected victory was achieved. It details the process from beginning to end, focusing on the specifics of organizing, strategies used, manoeuvering done and introduces a cast of characters that includes politicians, bureaucrats and a broad spectrum of dedicated women from across Canada. In total, The Taking of 28 is an incisive account of a far reaching moment in history, the implications of which are only now being explored.”